Coffee Bean

GFV is a domestic and foreign Authorized Distributor of Coffee products of Han Vinh Coffee Co., Ltd. - one of the leading brands of clean coffee. Currently our company has exported coffee products through the US market, which is one of the most demanding markets today in terms of product quality. Non-roasted and roasted coffee products include: Arabica, Robusta, etc.


- Standard coffee factory, professional production team and rich experience in the field of coffee.

- Use the latest technology in the field of roasting-grinding

- Commodities FDA certified Food and Drug Administration (Food and Drug Administration)

- Ensuring manufactured goods according to the criteria of UTZ Certified, TCVN.ATVSTP.BCBCL.

- Sustainable coffee growing material zones according to UTZ Certified standards.



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The ideal conditions for coffee trees to thrive are found around the world in along the Equatorial zone called “The Bean Belt,” located between latitudes 25 […]

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Independent research by scientists worldwide continues to link coffee to significant (and surprising) healthful properties. Due to overwhelming scientific evidence, coffee has earned a new – and […]

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