Bank Guarantee

Bank Guarantee

When Monetizing Bank Guarantees it is CRITICAL you get this right, there are some big traps uninformed customers fall into that cost them a lot of money or the whole deal. Work with Ho Gia Group ( HGG) and we can help you avoid these nasty pitfalls and get your BG issued and monetized seamlessly.


Mistake 1: Buying a BG that is Neutered – Some sneaky companies issue neutered BG’s. That is a BG that can only be used for credit enhancement on a companies books but can never be monetized or traded. It’s a nasty surprise you get when you realize your pristine BG delivered by MT760 to a Monetizer is……. useless!


Mistake 2:  Buying a BG that is Leased –  Leased BG’s cannot be monetized, they are banned industry wide. If you buy a BG that is Leased or has the word “leased” on it. You have a worthless piece of paper you can’t use! We offer you “unrestricted beneficiary ownership of the BG for a 12 month term” this gives you full monetization capability at the price of a lease.


Mistake 3: Procedures DON’T Match – If the delivery procedures of the BG issuer don’t exactly match with the BG Monetizer you will never get the BG delivered because the two parties are incompatible with each other. Both parties end up blaming one another and no deal ever gets done.


Mistake 4: The No Bank Play – When your BG issuers contract with you includes them sending a MT999 or MT799 from a non bank entity to the monetizers bank entity. You’ve been screwed. Banks will not reply or communicate with Non Banks or private companies. Therefore a message sent from a non bank to a bank is ignored! The issuer then claims they delivered service and keeps your money and the monetizer claims you never communicated with them on a bank to bank basis.


Mistake 5: No CUSIP or ISIN Number – Some monetizers will only accept Bank Guarantees with CUSIP or ISIN Numbers. This means they will NOT accept a fresh cut bank guarantee, ONLY seasoned instruments. Seasoned BG’s cost more and generally are only available to be purchased from secondary owners not banks.

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